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Home Roofing & Repairs - Louisville, KYFrederick Roofing has been taking care of residential roofing needs since 1966. During that time we have established a reputation for quality work at a fair price.

We can provide you:

An on-site inspection and evaluation of your roof
A free estimate of the cost of a new roof
Remove and replace your existing roof
Reroof over the original roof it there is only one layer

We can also give you gutter and siding replacement costs.

Frederick Roofing Company uses only the finest products and roofing systems for residential property. We are dedicated to our customers' satisfaction and our goal is to enhance the overall value of your property with your new roof.

Products and systems for residential property include:

Composite Shingles
      Owens Corning
Metal Roofing
Copper Roofing & Gutters
Wood Shingles

Let Frederick Roofing do an on-site inspection and put together a plan that protects your house, gives you peace of mind, and enhances the overall value.

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